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gejus 2014-05-16 11:53:46

man patinka pistis su tavim kas pazes tas gejai

llldsfesf 2013-06-08 03:19:30


GirtasHitleris 2013-01-17 12:38:53

Petriukas eina į mokykla. Prie pat mokyklos durų mokytoja klausia: Sveikas petriuk, ar padarei namu darbus? Petriukas: Zinoma stai jie, duoda dydeli apgrauzta lapa :D. Mokitoja klausia: O kodel lapas toks apgrauztas? Petriukas atsako: Ai vat neturejau gandonu kad papist boba tai is popieriaus pasidariau :D. Mokita atsako: Petriuk 10! Mokiniai: Mokitoja uz ka jam desimt! juk buvo namu darbas atsinesti gandonu o jis atsinese abfrauzta lapa :D. Petriukas: Nesijaudinkite as atsinesiau ta popierini gandona, stai jis. Mokiniai: Nichuja sibie :D

DIANA 2012-12-30 16:54:15


Marcelo 2012-11-06 22:23:57

Hi Mystic Mom-Thank you so much :DTurtlememoir-Promises do usually offer hope or maybe hope offres a promise?! lol ;DHerotomost-:D I loved yours! I want to go read them all again ;DI best go check and see if anyone else posted~Kerry-I am so happy to see you are back online! Life has resumed back to normal ;D Thank you so much~ I look forward to your Sunday post~Laurie-Thank you, you know which one is my favorite of yours ;DLynne-You are too kind! I thought of you today when I was playing with my new material! ;D Thank you~Bubba- I love Fozzie Bear :DAlex-Thank you Alex! Reminds me of the shoe boxes my grandmother tucked letters and photos in. She had a lifetime in that box~ Marian-I guess that was pretty vivid~ :D Thank you~Liza-It is work, but fun! Counting syllables is a pain, but I found a site that helps. Thank you~Thank you Heaven! Yes, those are unique odors~ Do you get mail from me yet?! :DThank you Mary Ann! I will be by to visit. I can\'t wait to read more of these gems! I love this form and everyone did an amazing job with the challenge~Wanda-I love that you journal! My pages look like chicken scratch. I think typing quotes and gluing them in looks better~ I\'m going to experiment more; it is fun~Mary-Thank You! Me,too~ I did get some odd stares today, when I took some pics. I\'m over it...if inspiration strikes I can snap a pic ;D I bet you took some great photos of your furry family~Claire-Nice to meet you,too! I think hope no matter how fragile still inspires~ Thank you!Kay-I loved yours! Stunning imagery...I think I will come by to read yours again :DThank you~Susie-Thank you! Your turn to give me some laundry, lol ;D I look forward to the challenge, I think... Have fun...have you checked out Scratchcam

bababajus 2012-06-11 10:51:38


viktorija Marcinkute 2012-02-20 08:49:59

nei juokingas nei i ka net neidomu nors galejo parasyt ko mokytoja paklause tikrai neidomu

armantas 2012-02-09 16:20:00

Generolas isakineja: pirmas tankas vaziuot.Pirmas tankas nuvazuoja. Antras tankas vaziuot antras tankas nuvazuoja. Trecias tankas vaziuot is trecio tanko islipa girtas ciukcia ir sako: Mano kepure kalba!!!!

gintarenx 2012-01-29 12:40:46


austeja 2011-12-28 12:55:27

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